New Mishimoto weighted shift knob arrived ☺️

90g lighter than my current one (450g ModifyStreet chrome ball).

I was gonna order the black version of my current one but I figured I'd give this shape knob a try. Plus, gotta love that 'M'. 😍

It may actually stand for 'Mishimoto' but in my mind it'll totally be 'Mihir' or 'Miata.' 😆

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How much of this is just shitty over-engineering that could be replaced with a simple 2FA TOTP code? All of it... Why do I need a security code in addition to my security question + answer?

re: Security codes... I just setup service and don't have my modem handy to grab the MAC. Also don't have a physical bill to retrieve the security code from (haven't received one)... and viewing my billing statement online requires the security code that is on my bill... Welp. 🙃

God fucking damn , why would you allow 40 character usernames but only 20 character passwords?


I wasn't sure what would fit (or look good given the angle) so I grabbed a bunch - an Angus bull, a devil riding a tire, a Batman symbol, a flaming skull, a Hulk, and a vampire bat.

Worst case - no ornaments and my whip stays a clean and flat jet black.

Best case - I've got multiple ornaments I can swap for occasions.

If they work out, I want to grab a Santa Claus one and a Gorillaz one 😍 (unfortunately search results for that term only yield hood ornaments of gorillas...)

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On a more positive note, I also ordered a bunch of hood ornaments from Etsy over the weekend which should arrive in 2-3 weeks... 🤞

Finally putting something down after debadging a little over a year ago. 🤗

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And to be super fucking frank, if you see a dog running towards you and are so terrified by the sight that you draw your firearm and try to kill it, you're a danger to society and don't deserve to carry a firearm or be an officer of the law.

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If you see a Beagle running towards you and are so terrified by the sight that you draw your firearm and try to kill it, my Pit Bull is probably fucked if he gets within your eyesight.

At the very least, should be required to wait until a dog has actually attempted to bite someone and proven to be aggressive and dangerous before turning to lethal force.

Dogs simply barking, running, etc. shouldn't be considered justification for using lethal force - that's just what dogs do.

Like for real though, I remember reading the news last August when a TX officer shot at a small dog while performing a welfare check and ended up killing the person who he was checking on (who was also the dog's owner).

All the (entirely justified) outrage over the death of the woman. But god damn, where's the fucking fury over the fact that an officer saw a tiny dog running at him and shot at it?

are supposed to protect and serve - and that should extend to the entire family

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Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where you can cruise at top speed with a "dangerous" dog in a blacked out whip without worrying about getting pulled over by a trigger happy cop?

100%, the only reason my car isn't completely blacked out is my fear of being pulled over, @beast barking, and some copper with half a brain cell and a fear of dogs pulling the trigger. (Same reason why I generally drive within speed limits when with the @beast - minimize interactions).

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Initially asked for 5% all around but decided I'd rather minimize interactions with the when cruisin' with the @beast 😬

Unfortunately I think Michigan is the only state where 5% on every side would be legal (albeit only the top 5 in. on the windshield and front windows)

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Finally got around to getting the whip tinted yesterday after waiting ~1.5 years... and obviously it snowed... 😫

25% front, left, and right, 5% rear.

But God damn, she looks so fuckin' good, I should've done this the day I got her. 🤤

2020 New Year's resolution - enable Cost Explorer on all new AWS accounts from day zero

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TFW you decide to clean out unused AWS resources...

and suddenly you're looking up credentials for 20+ different accounts...

and then you realize a third of them don't have Cost Explorer enabled, so you have to do the same dance in 24 hours... 🙃

It “only” took 5* hours... but I finally got around to setting up a new Mastodon instance. 😭

Hopefully survives longer than did** 😂

But for now, enjoy a snap of the fabulous, the one and only, @beast

* Significantly better than the ~24 hours it took the first time, but still...
** I’ll consider it a success if it’s still up *and in use* in 30 days

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mors vincit omnia ☠️